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The Colt Archive Letter

Considered one of the most unique and prestigious services offered for Colt firearms, the Archive Letter is universally recognized as an unparalleled investment in firearms collecting. These Colt Historians will search through vast archives to provide you with accurate and documented details confirming the original specifications and delivery of your particular Colt firearm. You will then receive a personal letter outlining all of the fine points of your firearm, written on distinctive stationery, embossed with the official seal and signature of the Colt Historian.

Whether your Colt is a treasured family heirloom or a more recent purchase, a Colt Archive Letter can provide fascinating valuable information of historical or anecdotal importance. The collectible value of your Colt is often greatly enhanced when it is authenticated in this exceptional fashion.

Colt Archive Letters can provide descriptive details about custom engraving and other special features that will ensure the value of the firearm for future generations to treasure.

Samples of actual Archive Letters

(please note that the specific information contained in the records for each individual firearm varies).

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

These letters are for demonstration purposes only. The precise archive letter format may vary depending on the model and the specifics of what is contained in the shipping records.

To get your own Colt Archive Letter contact Colt Archive Properties at the number listed below. Please have model and serial number information available when calling to place an order.

Contact Colt Archive Services: 

Phone: (860) 554-8088

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