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Colt Extends Expand Your Expanse™ and Range Ready With Colt Promotions

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (April 28, 2017) – Spring is here and Colt is keeping the excitement alive by extending these two hugely successful retail promotions until the end of May, covering purchases made between February 1st and May 31st of 2017. To recap: Expand Your Expanse™ offers buyers of any new model CE2000 a free TruGlo red dot sight and riser, as well as a 30 round Magpul® PMAG® magazine (an over $100 value), and Range Ready With Colt offers buyers of any new Competition Pistol™, Gold Cup® Trophy, or Delta Elite® a free Colt Range Kit including a Colt Range Bag, Colt safety glasses, and Colt hearing protection (a value of over $130).

“I can’t think of a better way to give back to all the wonderful folks we’re meeting here at the NRA Annual Meeting here in Atlanta, GA, than to extend these two promotions that so many customers have really engaged with,” said Paul Spitale, SVP for Colt. “These great offers have gotten such a positive reaction that we just had to extend them.”

Both promotions are available to purchasers from a Colt Stocking Dealer only. The Expand Your Expanse™ promotion applies to the purchase of models CE2000, CE2000HB, CE2000HB-FDE, CE2000HB-TSG, CE2000HB-ODG, and CE2000MPS-B only. Expanse™ kit includes a TruGlo TG8030DB red dot sight with riser and Magpul® PMAG® magazine. Expanse™ kit offer is limited to one per household. The Range Ready With Colt promotion applies to the purchase of models O1980CCS, O1982CCS, O1983CCS, O1080CCS, O1082CCS, O1083CCS, O5070X, O5070XE, O5072XE, O2020, O2020XE, O2020RG, and O2020FDE only. Range kit includes a Colt range bag, Colt safety glasses, and Colt hearing protection. Range kit offer is limited to one per household.

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