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March 7, 2012






WEST HARTFORD, Conn. – Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC is proud to announce that all versions of its RapidRange Bullet Trap Systems are now designed for tactical shooting.  Each unit comes fully assembled, making on-site installation simple and inexpensive to accomplish.  Each unit also is modular and portable and allows the units to be reconfigured or repositioned, if later desired.  They are the answer to becoming environmentally responsible at the outdoor or indoor shooting range.  


These innovative Bullet Traps come in three versions: Handguns, Rifles, and AP.  The units designed for handguns can be used with all calibers of handguns up to .50 cal., shotguns (including slugs) and rimfire rifles such as .22 LR and .17 HMR.  The units designed for rifles can handle all of the foregoing ammo plus ammo for centerfire rifles using up to .308 Win.  The AP units are good for up to 7.62 mm AP rounds. 


RapidRange Bullet Trap Systems enable shooters to enhance their gun handling and tactical skills with the handgun, rifle and shotgun.  These Bullet Trap Systems enable the shooter to engage threats while advancing and withdrawing, during continuous movement, from static turns and pivots, to moving off the line of force, and in various shooting positions – standing, squatting, kneeling, sitting, and prone.  They allow for the effective use of Close Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques with targets that are from 15 yards away to an arm’s length.  They also can be used for shooting at bulls-eye targets from a fixed line of fire.


Each unit uses fasteners to bolt them together with other units, allowing for a continuous aperture where projectiles enter the chamber from left to right without interruption by sidewalls or deflectors.  These units are set on I-beams without the use of any hold-down bolts.  Their hinged upper main deflector plates enable them to be lowered for shipping, moving the units into tight spaces, or adjusting their height.    


Standard sizes are 4’ wide by 8’ high by 15’ deep.  The main deflector plates and end sidewalls are constructed of AR-500 ballistic steel plate.  Each unit is equipped with four sacrificial deflector plates constructed of 1” thick AR-500 ballistic steel plate.  Each unit is equipped with a separate rear access panel for plate access and spent round removal.  As an option, each unit is also available with a drawer on heavy duty rollers or for use with five-gallon buckets.  Custom sizes are available. 


These units can be used with traditional ammunition with lead bullets and alternative ammunition with frangible and lead-free bullets, including those made of tungsten-tin.  All spent bullets can be easily reclaimed for recycling.


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