How to Purchase Colt Products and Services

How to Purchase New Colt® Guns

To purchase a new Colt pistol or revolver, visit our Stocking Dealer Locator to find a Colt Authorized Dealer or visit Shop Colt. Colt’s Manufacturing Company does not sell firearms directly to consumers.

How to Purchase New Guns from the Colt® Custom Gun Shop

To purchase a new gun from the Colt Custom Gun Shop, please contact Customer Service. After we have helped you design a custom Colt gun, we will assist you in finding a dealer through whom an order can be placed.

Repair, Refinishing and Custom Services

Please contact Customer Service to obtain more information about or to place orders for repair, refinishing or custom services (either engraving and decorative services or performance enhancements). Orders for these services are placed directly with the factory.

How to Purchase Genuine Colt® Parts

Please visit Shop Colt for your spare parts needs. For parts not available through our partners, please contact Customer Service.

How to Purchase a Colt® Archive Letter

Colt Archive Letters are purchased directly through the Colt Archive Department.