Colt Sighting & Accessories

The Colt M16/M4 Family of Weapons provides today’s soldier and/or law enforcement officer with reliable and combat proven accurate firepower in a 5.56mm platform on the modern battlefield. This capability can be drastically enhanced when any of a myriad of after-market accessories is mounted on the weapon. These combat multipliers can serve many purposes: sighting devices enhance the one-shot, one hit probability; visible and IR lasers decrease engagement times and allow for use in low-light or no-light conditions; and grips enhance the user’s comfort and weapon manipulation. Most accessories can be quickly mounted and removed without the use of tools in seconds and several accessories can be maintained in the unit armory and employed as each unique mission dictates. Colt does not stop at supplying world class weapon systems to our customers. We also offer information on a full line of accessories to meet your operational requirements. One stop shopping provides the customer readily available products from sighting systems to suppressors to edged weapons.

If you are unsure of your needs, please contact our sales team directly to help you find the correct solutions to fit your budget and operational requirements.

  • Sighting Systems
  • Rail Systems
  • Magazines & Related equipment
  • Cleaning & Associated equipment
  • Training Aids & equipment
  • Suppression & Flash eliminators
  • Storage equipment
  • Slings
  • System Components
  • Miscellaneous tools & equipment
  • Edged tools & Weapons