Colt Conversion Kits

The Colt conversion kit is the most cost effective method of replacing existing older model M16 service weapons with the most advanced carbine in the world. The conversion kit is available in a variety of barrel lengths with folding or fixed front sights, and a collapsible buttstock. Simple to accomplish and compatible with any variant of the M16 family of weapons. Out of the 165 individual parts in the M4 Carbine, 120 of the old parts are replaced brand new. This conversion kit upgrade solution provides the operator with a weapon conforming to the strictest U.S. Government Military Standards not available by other manufacturers, a Colt rifle converted to the most state of the art configuration.

  • various Barrel Lengths
  • various Upper Receiver Assemblies
  • various Buttstock Assemblies
  • various Accessory Options Available

Speak with a Colt Defense sales representative about all options available.