International Operator's Training Course

Duration: 2-Days, 3-Days if M203 is Covered

The Colt International Operator’s Course is designed to meet the needs of military customers new to Colt weapons. This comprehensive training includes the basics of the weapon’s function, field maintenance and field firing. Conceptually, this training will occur on a firing range featuring the classroom portion conveyed in a field environment in the morning with the live fire portion beginning late morning and lasting well into the afternoon. The following is a breakdown of topics covered:

Field Classes (All apply to M203 if applicable):

  • Weapons’ Familiarization
  • Practical application of the complete field strip and reassembly.
  • Identification of parts.
  • Safe weapons handling.
  • Immediate and remedial action.
  • Loading and unloading.
  • Mechanical zero (Not applicable to the M203)
  • Quadrant and Leaf Sight manipulation (M203 only).

Live Fire:

  • 25m Battle Sight Zero (BZO) exercise.
  • 25m full auto familiarization fire.
  • 100m semi-automatic slow fire exercise.
  • Varied distance 40mm familiarization fire (5 rounds per student is ideal).

Note: An Export License is required