International Armorer’s Training Course

Duration: 3 Days; 5 Days if M203 is also covered

The Colt International Training Armorer’s Course is designed to meet the needs of military customers. This comprehensive training includes the basics of the weapon’s function, maintenance, advanced disassembly and troubleshooting. To meet the demanding needs of military customers, the class will include training on depot level maintenance gauges and their usage. Both routine user maintenance and depot level armorer maintenance are covered. The following is a breakdown of topics covered:

  • Brief company history
  • Brief history of the weapon system
  • M16/M4/M203 model variations
  • Ammunition 
  • Magazines
  • Nomenclature of weapon components
  • Basic field stripping the weapon and reassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Unusual conditions
  • Function check of fire control group
  • Theory of operation (cycle of operation of direct gas system)
  • Description of armorer tools and gauges
  • Usage of military depot level gauges
  • Detail disassembly
  • Detail reassembly
  • Parts variations (rifle vs. carbine and fire control components)
  • Loading and unloading
  • Immediate action
  • Dangerous conditions
  • Troubleshooting methods and repair
  • Maintenance schedules and recommended replacement parts
  • M203 installation (if applicable)

Note: An Export License is required