Colt Enhanced Reliability Package

The Colt Custom Shop Gunsmiths that hand fit and build the Special Combat Government models can
also assist you in building a custom Colt model 1911 designed to your specifications and requirements.  Their expertise in fitting custom parts and machining to tight tolerances allows Colt to offer the same quality and dependability normally associated with the best 1911 gunsmiths.

The following standard packages can be applied to most of the Colt 1911 models in this catalog or you
can send us your current Colt and let us make it into the pistol you had always dreamed of owning
and shooting.


  • Adjust Extractor Tension
  • Tune Sear and Disconnector
  • Polish and Contour Barrel Throat
  • Adjust and Test Fire all Supplied Magazines
  • Adjust Ejector
  • Lower and Flare Ejection Port
  • Polish Frame Feed Ramp