Colt Smokin' Hot Summer promotion

Sorry, but the promotion has ended! We are no longer accepting requests.

Terms and Conditions of Colt® Springfever 2014 Promotion
  1. Colt will arrange for the delivery to customer of one (1) free Colt® branded J001 jacket made by Carhartt for each eligible rifle purchased.

  2. Promotion applies only to purchases of the following Colt® rifle models at retail:  

     AR15A4  LE6920 LE6940 MT6400
     AR15A4MP-FDE  LE6920CA LE6940CA MT6400C
     AR6450  LE6920CMP-B LE6940P MT6400R
     AR6720  LE6920CMP-FDE LE901-16S MT6700
     AR6721  LE6920CMP-OD LT6720MP-FDE MT6700C
     AR6951  LE6920CMP-R LT6720-R MT6731
     CR6720  LE6920MP-B LT6720MPMG SP6920
     CR6720CA  LE6920MPFDE
     CR6724  LE6920MP-FDE
     CR6724001  LE6920MPFDE-R
     CR6724001CA  LE6920MPG-B
     CR6724CA  LE6920MPG-OD


  3. Offer valid on bona fide purchases of new rifles at retail only. Purchase and delivery of rifle to customer must be completed between June 15, 2014 and September 30, 2014. 

  4. To qualify for this promotion, customer must submit a claim, no later than October 31, 2014, by (i) completing the online form on the web page:, and (ii) uploading a scan of the sales receipt from the retail dealer evidencing the purchase transaction. If the rifle is purchased over the Internet and delivered to customer by a dealer, customer must provide the dealer’s sales receipt. Customer must provide all required information and proof of purchase in order to qualify for promotion. 

  5. Promotion does not apply to new rifles purchased prior to June 15, 2014 or rifles purchased or delivered after September 30, 2014. Claims for free Carhartt jacket must be submitted at the above website no later than October 31, 2014 and must be accompanied by valid proof of retail purchase. 

  6. Please allow up to twelve (12) weeks for delivery of jacket.  No substitutions are allowed.

    - Information about the Carhartt J001 jacket may be found at the Carhartt website.

    - Questions regarding this Colt promotion can be answered by Colt’s Customer Solutions Center, at: 1-800-962-2658 ext. 1450. Please do not call to check status on jacket delivery until the 12 week period has passed.

  7. Offer is valid only for customers located in the United States. Offer void where prohibited by law.

  8. Offer is valid only for retail customers and not valid for dealers.

  9. Dealers are not authorized to vary the terms of this promotion in any respect.

  10. Offer is not valid on purchases made through Colt’s Deployment Program.

  11. Offer cannot be combined with another Colt retail promotion.

  12. Colt reserves the right to limit the total number of promotion redemptions on a per-customer and/or per-household basis.