Firearm Repair

Colt’s Manufacturing Company offers in-factory repair of Colt firearms. By sending your Colt gun to the factory for repair you assure yourself that only experts in the repair of Colt firearms will tend to your pistol, revolver or rifle and return it to you in factory-quality condition.

Here’s how to access Colt factory repair services:

  • Start by contacting Customer Service to describe your need. If Customer Service asks you to send the gun to the factory for analysis, please follow our Shipping Instructions carefully.
  • After your gun arrives at the factory, a technician will evaluate the gun to determine whether the problem is covered under the Colt Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.
  • If the problem with your gun is covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement, a factory gunsmith will be assigned to repair your gun.
  • If the problem with your gun is not covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement, the factory technician will prepare a repair estimate that outlines the work to be performed and provides an estimated price by mail. After you have received the estimate, you will be asked to pay in advance if you wish to have us proceed with the repair. If you do not, the gun will be returned to you.
  • After repairs are made, all guns are range-tested to insure proper operation.
  • Following range-testing, repaired guns are cleaned and inspected again. Only after that process will your gun be packed and returned to you.  

The following methods of payment may be used for repair services: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Personal Check, and Money Order.

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