Limited Lifetime Service Agreement

Colt will repair any factory defective part(s) of your Colt handgun, but cosmetic corrections and grip replacement will be made only during the first year, in accordance with the Colt Warranty Statement which you will find in your Colt Instruction Manual.


This agreement will not apply to your Colt handgun when it is altered, abused, willfully damaged or damaged by overpressure ammunition. Moreover, this agreement will not apply to those parts of your Colt handgun which have been “tuned” or “gunsmithed” for performance other than customized tuning and other services provided by Colt Custom Gun Shop.

This agreement is not transferable; its benefits apply only to the original retail purchaser for handguns manufactured after 1996.

How to Obtain Service

To obtain service for your Colt firearm, make sure it is not loaded and send it insured by UPS or FedEx to the Colt Factory. Do not ship through US Mail.

Use the following address:

Attn: Product Service
2 Talcott Road
West Hartford, CT 06110

Before shipping your firearm, read and follow the procedure described in your Colt Instruction Manual. Where local laws require it, ship only via a current FFL holder. Do not ship a firearm whose serial number cannot be read.