Firearm Refinishing

Do you have a Colt firearm or firearm part that needs refinishing? Why ruin your gun with a refinishing job or refinished piece that is not up to Colt standards?

Colt’s Manufacturing Company is pleased to offer a range of refinishing options:


  • Receiver Only
  • Slide Only
  • Revolver Cylinder Only
  • Revolver Barrel Only
  • Complete Refinish of Firearm


    • Matte Blue
    • Blue
    • Nickel
    • Royal Blue
    • Hard Chrome
    • Stainless
    • Bright Stainless
    • Stainless to Bright Stainless
    • Blue/Color Case Blue Model “P” Only

Please be advised due to extremely high demand for The Custom Shop, average wait times for custom services or new orders exceed 18 months.  Please keep this in mind when sending firearms for services or requesting custom orders.