Wiley Clapp Single Action Revolver

Intended for the Outdoorsman who actually shoots their Peacemaker!

A Colt Peacemaker with the following special features:

  • Full, Royal Blue finish on all metal surfaces
  • Chambered for the Elmer Keith favorite .44 Special (and Russian) cartridge
  • 1913 vintage barrel marking: RUSSIAN and S&W SPECIAL .44
  • Rare 6 1/2-inch barrel
  • Unique custom fit two-piece grips in dragon scale pattern with Colt script logo
  • One time edition, limited to 200 units, shipped in a  Colt Custom Shop Box
  • Special serial number run:WCP0001 to WCP0200

Designed by Wiley Clapp, Colt’s Custom Shop and TALO Distributors for the shooter who remembers how much fun there is in Cowboy shooting. Available at your local stocking dealer. Part # P1770WC

NOTE: The Wiley Clapp Revolver is available from the following TALO wholesalers: WL Baumler, LM Burney, Camfour, Davidsons, VF Grace, Gunarama, Bill Hicks, Hill Country Wholesale, Lew Horton, Rileys, Valor, G.Zanders, Bangers and Lipseys.