M/16 - AR-15 Armorer's School

Rifles-Carbines-Sub-Machine Guns

Each graduate will gain a complete understanding of the design theory, nomenclature, dynamics, compatibility, interchangeability, detailed disassembly, assembly, maintenance and trouble-shooting of the M16/AR-15 family of weapons including rifles, carbines, and sub-machine guns.

Day One (All courses begin at 0800)
1 hour Brief history, design, nomenclature, variants, features and controls
1 hour Field disassembly, reassembly and function check
1 hour Theory and cycle of operation
2 hours Complete and detailed disassembly, parts identification
3 hours Reassembly and inspection
Day Two (All courses begin at 0800)
1.5 hours Complete and detailed disassembly
1 hour Removal and installation of barrel and front sight assembly
1.5 hours Design changes and parts interchangeability
2 hours Reassembly and inspection
1 hour Headspace, firing pin protrusion, gas tube alignment inspections
1 hour Fire control theory, design and unauthorized modifications
Day Three (All courses begin at 0800)
1 hour Maintenance and trouble shooting
45 min Application of specific models
30 min Rifle disassembly
1.5 hours Rifle reassembly and inspection
1 hour Written Test
1 hour Test-Disassembly of Rifle
1.5 hours Test-Reassembly of Rifle
15 min Instructor/course evaluation
  • Graduation Requirements: Students must demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: disassembly, reassembly, identification of mechanical deficiencies and corrective actions. The student must also attain a score of 70% or better on the Armorer Written Test.
  • Certification: 3 Year Colt Law Enforcement Rifle/Carbine/SMG Armorer
  • Cost: $450.00 per student *
  • Payment: Checks and Department Purchase Orders made payable to Colt Defense, LLC.
    CHECKS AND PURCHASE ORDERS TO BE SENT TO COLT DEFENSE (Colt Defense LLC, P.O. Box 118, Hartford, CT 06141).
    Credit Cards: Contact Seth Bielucki (800-962-2658 x1408). NO CASH.
  • Eligibility: Active Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, Nuclear Security Only.
  • Resources: Colt will provide all necessary tools and firearms to conduct training and each graduate will receive a new (CM118) Armorer Manual.
  • Enrollment: 2011: Enrollment is a coordinated with the host agency and Colt Law Enforcement Training coordinator. 2012 All enrollment will be processed by Colt.

* Closed course option is available. Contact Seth Bielucki (800-962-2658 x1408) for more information.

Training & Schools
  • Click HERE for the 2015 schedule
  • All payments must be made prior to attending any Colt Armorer Course 
  • All courses are restricted to active law enforcement, corrections, military, and nuclear security personnel 
  • Students may bring to class any Colt weapons with problems or questions (pending host approval) 
  • $100 of course tuition is non-refundable when students withdraw 30 days or less 
  • To register for courses in 2014 please contact Seth Bielucki (Click for Email) or for any training questions (800-962-COLT x1408)